Officer who unrolls the scroll and reads the Kings decree. Lucid dreamer. Semi psychic. Goblin moonlight shapeshifter by mirror. Social Worker_ Dr.ofHarlem PHD

Moscow, Tennessee
Joined August 2017
Yeah well, I read a ton of books also. Pop-up, scratch and sniff, and picture. I can read several books a day!
Sometimes it can be very painful when the GOD you worship is the one that was nailed to a wooden cross!!!
Yeah the writing is in the wall and the walls are closing in on me. I already know it. I have but one direction to run and it’s where I should have been going. Let me not trip less I get back up faster.
I take steroids so I can throw fat girls around in bed.
Some people say they don’t believe in supernatural but they never looked hard or knew how or where to look. Example baby one is ghost hunters why don’t they do graveyards on tv?
If all these bots are so dang good as everyone says they are then when do I get to meet one??? It be grand to finally have a friend that won’t tell me go to hell and take half my shit after so many years. ))))) when I say forget I said that they actually will and etc. wow
As a Christian but at same time a sinner and not a good example. I feel my love toward Anyones eternal salvation is much more valuable to me than any earthly gain. However once I tell them and they say I don’t want to hear it I’ll 🛑 but I’d let them down not saying it once.
I’m not a bot but I could have A negative blood maybe or be some sort of alien half breed. What’s bot? What’s not
Buddy at the coal mines said they cut my pay when boss learned I couldn’t count but I agree with boss he’s a liar because I checked all my bills and none or torn or cut!!
Joe Ro gain cough seems like, probably honestly really is!, a nice good guy. I honestly believe that but still don’t tell him I ever said that or he would have probably shot me with a flame thrower. Few days ago.
Haha 😆 I think I see her coming now!
Elon has a Lady helping him. I only saw a glimpse of her. Not to diminish anything to him or his returns.
I claimed to be semi psychic which means I’ll normally see what you did 30 seconds after but still a real psychic would answer your call when you made it and say the magic word.
I haven’t even started yet. I’m just swinging a few bats to let my muscles loosen up. Maybe I’ll hit a few more foul balls because I don’t see them as a strike but a chance for the side liners to catch a major league ball.
You know what a one eyed Vietnam veteran told me one day I got discouraged, “boy if eating pussy don’t kill you then it makes you stronger and if life don’t make you sick then it’s pretty good pussy”.
Yes I’m fully aware of the definition of insanity. I’m just tweeking it until I get it, just right. Jake Ferrell
You want to excel in something then integrate it into your culture! And force everyone under you to do it too, sure why not, I’m not under you. Haha 😆
Unless your dick weighs 9 lbs 6 ounces then stop acting like your cock is Thor’s hammer! Normally if it’s that big it’s crying also.
When you start having who’s got the biggest dick wars with gay men on Twitter then…….. you either got a screw loose or your honing your animal magnetism.
“The greatest Marksman that didn’t practice gun safety”. A short story by Jacob Ferrell