Unbelievable, yet so believable these days. Remember the French high school teacher who was decapitated after showing cartoons of Mohammed in his class? The killer was thought to be a “lone wolf.” French officials have now charged 15 people. 1/
Décortiquant le funeste engrenage qui a mené à la décapitation du professeur, les juges ont mis en examen quinze personnes. Parmi elles, se trouve une jeune mère de famille, alias «Cicatrice sucrée», qui a aiguillonné le tueur. lefigaro.fr/actualite-france…
It’s a case study in “lone wolf” terrorism but also in influence and social media and mis/disinformation. The student who first claimed she was offended by the cartoons had been expelled from the school days before and in fact, the teacher never showed the cartoons. 2/
Replying to @alexzfinley
The idea of the "lone wolf" in 2021 is idiotic. Tree of Life shooter Robert Bowers is often labeled a lone wolf, but he had all types of direct online connect with antisemitic white nationalists. They used encrypted chats and Gab, which was part of the recent Epik hack.

Oct 15, 2021 · 11:18 AM UTC