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Question: Were you aware at halftime you had as many points as the Suns? Luka: 馃槄 馃帴@CBSSportsHQ | @luka7doncic
Repeat after me... I will NEVER question Luka or Jason Kidd again #DALvsPHX
Republicans are getting very upset people keep retweeting this ad so I figured I would post for any of you who haven鈥檛 seen it yet and then I am going to retweet myself tonight.
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Does EVERY bloviating ESPN announcer suck?馃が Is that part of their job description to just constantly blather on? My ears are bleeding and the mute is used frequently!
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They found a Black person (Clarence Thomas) to gut the Voting Rights Act. And they found a woman (Amy Coney Barrett) to take away women鈥檚 rights. This is how Republicans play identity politics 鈥 by weaponizing handpicked women and people of color against their own communities.
If Luka is a liability on D then Brunson is a freaking disaster #DALvsPHX
More proof Brunson & Powell are expendable #DALvsPHX
Don't ever forget damn near 1 M US citizens died because of Trump's vanity. He thought a mask made him look weak. He was weak WAY BEFORE the mask. #POSTUS
Today's my birthday! 馃巶 A bit of symmetry...61 and born in '61. Is that a thing?
Pastor Bonhoeffer was executed by Hitler on April 9, 1945 in one of his Concentration Camps. An Amazing writer and here he is right ON TARGET. #LoserTrump #StupidTrump #LiarTrump
Random thought... BLT's are NOT filling. I've had 3 and could eat more. Am I the only one who thinks this?
This American treasure. HBD Jack. #LLP 馃枛
Wishing Jack Nicholson a very Happy 85th Birthday. #JackNicholson
Nick was a warrior with a champion's soul. What a unique and amazing way to honor his life and love of the Cyclones. #CyclONEnation 鉂も潳馃尓馃挍馃挍馃挴馃憡
Iowa State head football Matt Campbell has announced the establishment of the Nick Bassett Perseverance Award, which will recognize two football players annually at the conclusion of spring practice each season. #CyclONEnation
Lisa Salters...SHUT UP! Let JT celebrate with his teammates! U asked ur non-intelligent ridiculous questions...ur done...
9-24??? All ur doing Jalen Brunson is trying to showcase for your free agency 馃が NEVER a reason for u to take that many shots with FIVE assists. Make your teammates shine as a playmaker quit being a selfish d-head ballhog...grrrr
2 things...Jalen Brunson U AIN'T LUKA. STOP SHOOTING SO DAMN MUCH馃が 2 Can this lady announcer take the closepin off her nose! #pukevoice
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I need to help Joe get this message out, can you please retweet
@JaworskiForTX can beat Ken Paxton in November. He is a corruption slayer, people's lawyer, and wants to serve us all, not just a select few that only agree with him. He is for voter's rights, not voter suppression. Help him get past the primary run off May 24, and let's do this.
Painful...but soooo true
If someone says, 鈥淭wenty years ago...鈥 and you think they mean the 80鈥檚, we can be friends.