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I actually paused, thought wayyyyyyyy back, and shook my head in agreement, wisest advice I've come across so far this week 🤣🤣👍🏾
Stay away from ppl that don’t know where Usher was at 7 o clock…..
Fertility statistics, pre/post natal statistics, Gestation statistics, Birth weight to Birthrate statistics, pediatric evaluation statistics, mortality statistics..... Post COVID jab... I'm reaching like I'm on the edge of a cliff, but it makes sense to me..
Is it normal for people to not say "cheers babe" when you donate money to their charity fund. I'm not one to bring up that I donated but don't they get notifications. I did when people never declared they contributed to a fund. It's the least I could do to show I see you support!
Someone said "goes to show why you should make your kids learn to do things on their own". I beg to differ.. This is actually the result🤔😂 🥒🔪🤦🏾‍♀️
Pinocchio though 🤣😂
Normal women as in ones with vaginas, the same that so called cis women have. Got ya! When cis is spelt with a "C" what does it even mean
Yes, were distinguishing between cis women and normal women.
An 8yr old and a mincing machine, how did the 2 become one. For all the health and safety laws put in place at work. Parents don't even have to take responsibility.. But let's me not blame the victims parents along with the restaurant.. They failed in so many ways
BJ really is a son a bitch.. Just let people live you inbred
In others words boozed up, drugged up, and waking up with dirty feet.
The new range of Very British Problems birthday cards (@thortful) is here! Six to choose from. thortful.com/cards/very-brit…
That RR is such a smug bitch. And smug bitches usually end up in tears😿
So my manager took 1.5hrs off me. A week later offering 3.5hrs. Because he's desperate and makes bad decisions... You need to respect me my presence 😂🤣
Oh my that would change so much for so many deserving people🥰🤞🏾
The Queen’s Speech needs to announce a new law stating that if you can afford £1100 a month for rent for twelve months in a row, banks must acknowledge that you can afford a mortgage of £750 a month, mainly because £1100 is more than £750.
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And that's just one of the mindsets to try coexist with... So biological now means not organic.
When you say “biological” it sounds like you think women can be “artificial” or created from non-organic material.
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Just drop the "cis" part. There's no need for it if they are biological women.
This woman always seems to know what she's doing👍🏾👍🏾
and that’s on self care bih 🧖🏿‍♀️
A one-year study of Vietnamese youth who built their own Bugatti out of clay mud... 👏👏
When he said what he's do to you via the net Vs real life
Karma delivered to a Pug
Coz they all was watching her simultaneously.. And took their appropriate roles