⚡️ Former U.S. Navy.... Bachelor of Science degree.... Republican.... I proudly stand for our Flag, I humbly kneel for the Cross.... Thank you President Trump.

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We are above $5 per gallon here on the 'Left Coast' with all Democrat governors! 💰 #GasPrices
Pasco County, Florida.
Moments ago, Townhall's @KatiePavlich joined @johnrobertsFox to discuss the average price of gasoline hitting another record high and how the Biden administration's energy policies are only making matters worse.
BREAKING NEWS: Trump-endorsed @RepTedBudd is projected to win the North Carolina Republican Senate Primary. bit.ly/3Mt1PkY @MarkHalperin: The "most conclusive example of Donald Trump's influence in the Republican party."
Unleash American energy = affordable gasoline. It’s really that easy.
Thank you to our men and women in blue for rising to the occasion and keeping Iowans and Americans safe every single day. #NationalPoliceWeek
Joe Biden promised $2,000 stimulus checks, but Americans are spending $2,000 more on gas instead.
Today, the average price for a gallon of gas in America is $4.48. For 7 days straight, gas prices have reached the highest level in our nation's history. Now more than ever, our nation needs efficient, affordable, & American-made energy to bring down costs for Kansas families.
In Joe Biden’s economy, Americans are paying more for less.
Did you know that God has a plan and a purpose for your life? #GodLovesYouTour #Liverpool
Americans are facing a pay CUT as #Bidenflation outpaces wages.
Today we honor the brave officers who gave their lives to keep us safe.
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🇺🇲 #CodeOfVets 😀👍
Feel The American Spirit🇺🇸🔥
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⚓️ '13 Balanced Breakfast Ideas for Athletes' (by New South Wales Institute of Sport) --> facebook.com/story.php?story… ~ #Health
The @SamaritansPurse DC-8 is delivering tons of food to Ukraine every week, but today it has another mission. We are bringing 28 Ukrainian refugees from Poland to Canada, where they all had relatives or loved ones to go to.
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The number of police officers killed in the line of duty increased 59% last year compared to 2020—the most in over two decades. Today, we pay tribute to all of our fallen officers & those who have been injured while keeping our communities safe. We will always #BackTheBlue.
Americans need more police and more prosecutions.