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Biden doesn’t believe in polls. Right.
Biden’s going to go another 20 minutes? Dear God help us.
Why does this jerk Biden always have to yell at us?!
Biden is asked about Afghanistan and answers by talking about COVID testing and vaccines.
Does Joe Biden even know that both George Wallace and Bull Connor were Democrats?!
Now Biden has hallucinated 5 Republican senators who are afraid of being defeated in their primaries if they vote for his cockamamie Build Back Better legislation.
So now Mitch McConnell is responsible for Biden’s abysmal poll numbers. Does this guy ever take responsibility for anything?!
This “press conference” is pathetic.
Oh Lord! Biden’s doing that creepy whispering thing again.
Anybody else having issues with static in the drier weather? #fixmyflyaways
Joe Biden reported over $13 million in income as $800,000. Joe Biden doesn’t pay his fair share in taxes.
Biden wants to invest in more illegals, not in the American people.
Does anybody think Biden is only going to spy on the bank activity of “billionaires”? He is talking about electronic surveillance of our bank accounts. All of us. Think about that for a minute.
How much does Nick Saban get paid to always have a bottle of Coke and a bottle of Dasani sitting on the podium?
Biden is about to find out that the American people don’t appreciate being threatened.
Sleepy Joe says his “patience is wearing thin”. I have news for him. My patience is gone. Take a seat.
Biden just trotted out that nonsense about people on their deathbed lamenting the fact that they didn’t get vaccinated. What a load of crap!
If the vaccines work, why do vaccinated workers need to “be protected from unvaccinated workers”? Aren’t they already protected by the vaccine?
Divider in Chief Biden says the one thing we all need to do is “stick together”. 😂😂😂😂