Michigan, USA
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Gas will be a trickle no gas no products! DELIBERATE!
The New Green Deal Fascist Elitist Left wants gas prices to skyrocket to force people into EV’s!
Why are we trying exacerbate a war with Russia. I don’t care a thing about that shithole Ukraine! Germany won’t support us they depend on that Russian pipeline!
Blood on your hands Biden, allowing hundreds of pounds of Chinese made fetanyl to enter our southern border and kill our children, oh lord joe, bullshit, he’s a murderer! Pissed yet?
Now that fartchi sic…has recanted on the vax, I’m buying stock in the company producing the antidote !
AOC is a Joke! Doesn’t she realize everyone is laughing at her, including my 4th grade students? HeeeeHaaaaaaaw
When are they distributing the crack pipe kits with crack pipes that psuki sic that weren’t in the kit but really are. Does any body believe a goddam. Thing these assholes say or do?
Will they be sending our crack pipes to our homes, or can we pick them up with proper ID at our local grocery!?
In 1991 Jim Crow joe passed a bill to jail people for 5 years for possession of a quarter sized rock of crack…And now? He’s passing out crack pipes on our tax $! Hunter must be ecstasy!
Susan Sarandon knew exactly what she was saying cause she wrote a second tweet,like Hanoi Jane, she’s a white privileged coward elitist, who can say whatever. You’re a low life coward and your apology like Hanoi Jane’s will never be enough, lowlife, rot in hell
Can we ban the use of AOC? She’s not redeemable! Let her live in Cuba or North Korea, hear me donkey?
Zero U.S. national interest in Ukraine, and no security interest where is the war power act?
Mitch McConnell’s wife is deeply connected to China! Jesus Christ, who else in govt?Ukraine is just a distraction from the enemy from within China, there here!
Mayorkas “ Not enough to commit a crime to enforce the law”. His words! WHAT THE HELL!?
Why are we interested in Ukraine! It’s a shithole! We should be sending those 8500 to our border while we’re allowing illegal single tethered men into our cities? I don’t get it!
Neil young go back to communist Canada. You think Spotify just plays your music? You’re a real loser!
India has less cases than US, oh, their govt passed out ivermectin! So why are we not making it available?
Is there any reason to send troops to that shithole Ukraine? Let Russia have it, I don’t care. The UN troops look like the military from the “In Like Flint and James Bond movies” against 200,000 battle hardened Russian soldiers
Are the masks made in China? Do they have asbestos in them like the blue ones that are made in China? If they are not airtight they are useless!
Won’t watch due to their ignorancewhile 85% of New South Wales got covid after the vax#AusOpen