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Tell them to see the recent media release from the Bank of England re: economics of C-19. What part of how harmful, selfish & stupid they are for not wearing a mask in a public indoor setting are they not understanding? #COVIDisAirborne #MaskUpButtercup #WearAMask #COVIDIOTS
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I’ll bet the flag truck #covidiots still think it was a ‘grassroots workers’ protest!
Excellent thread analyzing who donated💰to the fake trucker occupation of Ottawa. tl;dr a lot of Conservative Party and PPC donors.
You shouldn’t be having luch with friends at this time anyway, so i really don’t care. I hope it was expensive. #SARSCoV2 #COVIDIOTS
I had lunch with a few friends. They ordered drinks and appetizers plus lunch. I had a salad. They know I don’t drink but yet insisted we spilt the bill equally. I’m not cheap but it is the principle. Am I wrong for not wanting to pay more than my fair share?
Americans mass murdered Americans on September 11! Get them out of Middle East! The can't even manage their own country #COVIDIOTS
"Do what you will. I will die but I will never let you go." - The last words of the newly declared Servant of God Akash Bashir to the suicide bomber who came to attack a packed Catholic Church in Lahore, Pakistan, on 2015.
Dont have to go to a movie to see the obvious. Dont have to purchase a book to know the government is corrupt. Already have guns, ammo, food storage. Exercise and eat a strict diet. Will never get the shot. Believe satin is alive and well in America and Believe Jesus is the SOG
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Histoire Belge... Gynécologue !!! La(e) premier(e) qui rit a raison 😆 Qui pleure aussi hélas 😩 Les commentaires😱 #COVIDIOTS #antivax @GrandSachoir @renkatroussier @arikouts @BarouniaA @amelie_for_you @_Tetraplegix @Sandra_Congress @Fraslin @dre_sunshine
À tous ceux qui liront ce message, je demande, ce soir 18 mai d'avoir à 19h15 une pensée emplie d'espoir et d'amour pour l'avenir. Je passe à l'ordre des médecins. Repoussons les ténèbres de l'obscurantisme grâce à une vague d'ondes positives. Soyons un réseau d'âmes connectées.
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" j'ai eu le covid, j'ai eu mes 3 vaxxins et je porte tjs le masque"...🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 J'ai tellement de peine pr ces gens là.... Les psy ont du boulot pr un paquet d'années..... #COVIDIOTS
Remember when @RealDonaldTrump said 'Anxiety causes, you know, disease, they say. A lot of people -- you're going to have tremendous.' #coronavirus #moronavirus #covidiots #covid19 #WHO
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Of course it has and no one noticed it. This whole thing has been a lie and a scam on all of us. They have zero credibility at this point no matter what happen going forward. Only #covidiots will listen to the likes of @adriandix @jjhorgan and Dr. Bonnie Henry in the future.
Second Omicron wave has peaked: B.C. COVID-19 modelling group… via @VancouverSun
Ces gens-là sont obligatoirement injectés d’une part... et lavés du cerveau pour le restant de leur existence d’autre part... le Corona transformé en appellation #COVID19 est la plus grande arnaque de ce nouveau millénaire #COVIDIOTS #TrustTheScience #Agenda2030
Ce sont des POULETS SANS TÊTES on ne peut plus rien pour eux... ⤵️
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J'avais cette info et puis... Oups... J'ai failli RT ton tw à Verity avant de me raviser. Autant éviter de relayer ces sites aux #COVIDIOTS qui ne les connaissent pas
Sé cómo los chinos, un sólo hijo. Continúa el CONTROL y esclavitud. #TienesElValorOTeVale #Censo2022 #COVIDIOTS #Agenda2030 💉☠
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Well.. This outta raise some eyebrows. #FlawedEducationSystem Not to mention.. NOT A MASK IN SIGHT! And looks like we got ourselves a couple of.. #COVIDIOTS
so i got a master’s degree this weekend.
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Hello @npb_prediction Remember when @BorisJohnson puts new spin on famous Thatcher quote as he announces 20,000 NHS workers return. #coronavirus #moronavirus #covidiots
Telemed on a kid 9 am for fever, congestion. Dx her sister with #COVID yesterday. Told mom pt needs to come in for test, isolate until results. Pt. Finally comes in to test at 3:30PM. positive for #COVID19 Why 3:30? She was in school all day! Sick. #COVIDIOTS #CovidIsntOver
Well there needs to be a profitable market for vaccines out there. If we have to suffer in the process then so be it. #Wuhan #COVID19 #psychopath #Covid #Covid_19 #COVIDIOTS #coronavirus #Corona #flu #SocialDistancing
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Crap..What in the hell is going on? It strange that these new viruses are all now being reported / coming out so closely together.
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Remember when @RealDonaldTrump said 'The US was the 'most prepared country in the world'' #coronavirus #moronavirus #covidiots #covid19
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This says it all. He is receiving a Knighthood for controlling the virus, which he can't attend because he has the virus 🤡 #COVIDIOTS
Jonathan Van-Tam misses knighthood ceremony after catching Covid…