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Hey #DeathSantis how you feeling about Rebekah Jones today. How about you @RepMattGaetz How those polls looking?
Get rid of guvner #Deathsantis #Desatan and his ignorant, arrogant, corrupt, scumbag scamming minions. Stop the code enforcement & house taxes for seniors please. Why are people dared of 💉 & 😷? He’s a fear mongering egotistical, arrogant liar 🤥imho.
Florida may be seeing a second peak of cases in a single season at a time when major pharmacies and some grocery stores are no longer offering flu vaccines — and there is limited supply of flu medication.
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That is so GAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. That one was for #DeathSantis. Now they are trying to make it legal to marry a 12-year-old in TN. It would be funny if it were not so horrifying.
The things that Jones endured under #DeathSantis and her belief in always telling the truth will be remembered as part of our American 🇺🇸 history!
Yes #DeathSantis doesn’t care about actual lives
Except ALL women who’s bodies will be scrutinized, health care decisions will be scrutinized criminalized cuz you don’t care about anything but control. #DeathSantis #killedfloridians #Hypocrites
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@GovRonDeSantis where is your Harvard reject? Again you will put Floridians in life and death danger! #DeathSantis