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25%+ of pregnancies end in miscarriage through no fault of anyone ectopic pregnancies are emergencies and need immediate care republicans don't care if women die #GOPDeathCult
The @USSupremeCourt is an active member of the #GOPDeathCult Look at actions not words
JUST IN: The Supreme Court just ruled 5-4 siding with red states against the Clean Water Act. Roberts joined liberals in dissent, but the conservative majority did not even issue an opinion explaining why they ruled the way they did.
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@SenRickScott starves American babies for political gain. #GOPDeathCult
NEW: Rick Scott just tried to attack President Biden by saying that 鈥淐anada has plenty of baby formula鈥 but not the United States.鈥 Reminder, Trump鈥檚 USMCA trade deal made it virtually impossible for Canada to export infant formula to the US.
The thing Marsha Blackburn doesn't keep an eye on: Reality #corruptgop #gopdeathcult
Things the White House doesn鈥檛 keep an eye on: 鉂 The border 鉂 The stock market 鉂 Rising inflation 鉂 Baby formula
The vax didn鈥檛 do anything other than keep me safe from severe Covid, hospitalization and death. #GOPDeathCult