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This is all called #gaslighting, and it’s a tactic of bullies, thugs, and #authoritarians everywhere. #SCOTUSIsCompromised #GOPLiesAboutEverything
So when men—because it’s pretty much always men—lecture you about what red state legislatures—which are pretty much always controlled by men—are not going to do, it’s most likely because they believe you to be stupid, fundamentally powerless, or both.…
Medical #gaslighting is real and it is dangerous.
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Food banks are not levelling up. Stop #Gaslighting the British public and support a living wage. You know so we can afford to eat and pay our energy bills, rent, taxes ect..
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I am totally with you. I have imagined I’ve actually had a psychotic break & I’m actually in an asylum & #covid & #LongCovid has been my delusion while the world is carrying on as normal. #Gaslighting
A narcissist does not care or understand how other people feel and rarely ever considers other people’s feelings in their actions or words. We’re nothing but opportunities to them. #narcissism #narcissisticabuse #Gaslighting #CPTSD
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"replacement theory" is not a conspiracy theory of the right... it is an idea openly preached by the progressive left. As so many things... #projection and #gaslighting is an artform mastered by leftist ideologues when their minions are caught up in violence and destruction.
Why can't Republicans just accept that the "whiteness" they so very cherish will be bred out of the human race?
Gaslight, zarcisimo, se já viveram isso, se cuidem, pois não é fácil dair da dependência e muito menos seguir! Procurem ajuda profissional 🙏🏼 #Gaslighting #Narcisista #empaz #Gratidao #deusébom
I'm triggered by Ralph's #gaslighting. #RHOA
"Don't insult Azov by implying the #BuffaloTerrorist was one of them. All they have in common is that they are both violent #WhiteSupremacists" 🤷‍♂️👇 #Gaslighting for idiots.
There’s a lot of disinformation already about the mass shooter in Buffalo, NY. To be clear, he didn’t have an “Azov Battalion symbol” in his manifesto — it’s a sonnenrad (black sun), which is a common white supremacist symbol.
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@LindsayHoyle_MP While lying can not be called out on the floor of the #HOC, what is taking place is a tool of mental abuse, which has been called #Gaslighting. This much maligned and misquoted tool of reality manipulation was used in 1930s Germany and has to stop. It kills us
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#LongCovid #LongCovidKids 🚨Pacing. Pacing. Pacing.🚨 Leider "therapiert" man auch nach > 2 J Pandemie immer noch Menschen in die Schwerbehinderung hinein. > 50 Jahre #MECFS reichen nicht aus, um das #Gaslighting & die Ignoranz zu stoppen seitens Medizin?!
Horror stories from the #LongCovid rehab! Max, 27 years old Symptoms: Fatigue, PEM, sleep disorders, brain fog ... Therapy: Swimming and long walks Result: Bedridden and no longer able to use his smartphone. #LongCovid #MECFS
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Three years ago today @ShropCouncil declared a #ClimateEmergency. But they're still building a new road that will create 48000t/CO2 and won't be carbon neutral until the year 2152. Our kids, grandkids & greatgrandkids will surely thank them... #greenwash #gaslighting #No2NWR
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Je bent lekker aan het #Gaslighting trutje! Er is geen killere wereld dan die van jullie. Waar oudere mensen alleen wegkwijnen omdat ze geen bezoek mogen ontvangen. Waar mensen knuffelen met plastic screens. Waar mensen moesten sterven zonder hun geliefden te hebben gezien.
I’m giving my mortgage company a hundred bucks and pledging to pay it off! 🤣means it’s paid up in #Amberheards head! #Gaslighting
@PressSec sorry #Abott did not close the facility. #FDA closed it. You are either #Gaslighting the #PressCorps or #Lying you are off to an epic failure.
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She is the most evil vile liar ever. As someone who was in an actual abusive relationship, I can say she was the abuser. I’ve experienced these tactics #Gaslighting #AmberHeardIsALiar