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Nouvel épisode #greenberg #jdr #cthulhu '- Allez ,vas y Midori, pendant qu ils regardent ailleurs , chuchote Claudio. Khallik tient toi prêt. - Je vous couvre grogne Nelson, l oeil dans le viseur '
@RonDeSantisFL Lotta un-American, unlawful, unconstitutional theatrics my man… could u be worried about #Greenberg case hitting the fan this August?🤔😂 U can’t shift attention off the spectacular shîītttz show of corruption that is gonna rain down soon on Florida GOP & 🫵 🍿
That segment on @GetUpESPN @GetUp when #greenberg put his legs on the table while @stephenasmith and #patrickbeverly talked about CP3 was classic! That was awesome TV. Yes LOVE CP3. #beverly was wrong.
Irreverently intellectualise the recurrent fever. #greenberg
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While Democracy Slept (Part One) - A look at the horrors ahead, and the fury we must hope endures. Click here -- -- to join @MurphyCartoons @AnnTelnaes @brookebourge @Walt_Handelsman @Nick_Anderson_ @MatttDavies @deAdder @MacLtoons & #Greenberg #RoeVWade
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Épisode 100 de #greenberg #coc #jdr Le silence de la grenade 'On a le choix, expose Nelson, des types de grenades y a des tas. Je vais en prendre deux de chaque. On ne sait jamais ce qui merder dans le plan. Ça, c'est le plan de secours.'
👁️ Le prix #Greenberg a récompensé 13 médecins et chercheurs pour leurs travaux dans le domaine de l'#ophtalmologie. Ces derniers se sont donné pour mission de mettre fin à la #cécité.…
I turn the channel when his ad airs, the one with the bullet holes needs a trigger warning. Where is his supposed mental health plan? To try and capitalize on the situation is morally repugnant #greenberg
Another day another television commercial from Craig Greenberg in which he is using his insurmountable fundraising lead to talk nearly exclusively about how violent Louisville is and how anxious he is to giving more money to the police. This is such an tired, old script.
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Imagine being so desperate for campaign $ (to pay ur fancy NYC criminal attorney) that you'd risk pissing off every American woman, regardless of her party or position on #Roe. #GaetzIsUnfit #overeducated #bumble #pedos #Greenberg #firebrand…
unapotamani mafanikio mazuri weka jitihada zaidi na zaidi+ #Greenberg