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Sending support to @Mon4Kooyong and the people of Kooyong. You have a strong and determined independent candidate, use this election to give the entitled #LNP a jolt of realism. #VoteJoshOut…
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I am fascinated by the MSN that only Labor is asked how it’s going to be funded yet #LNP outpledged Labor by a country mile.
The #LNP must be laughing at the electorate trying to pretend that a massive problem is a feature. "Dipping in" (makes it sound so benign) to your super will become the default way of buying a house. It is the thin edge of the wedge for the destruction of super. #ausvotes
House across the road & down one has an #LNP corflute out the front. 😳 I've never spoken to them & don't expect that to change anytime soon. It would also be great if they'd keep their cat on their property, instead of in my front yard everyday. 😬 #AlboForPM #PutLNPLast
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Therefore never vote #LNP
Social media censorship is getting out of control. Come join me on the platforms where I can say what I want on COVID and the Digital Identity Bill:
Because it serves their purpose....let's not forget the dog whistling and at times blatant race based language used by the #LNP
#COVID19 を制した#mRNAワクチン のレセピの秘密は、#LNP の設計。ワクチンの改良、癌治療への展開等次世代化のための競争が起こっている。電荷の重要性、#PEG の排除等が言われるが最重大事は企業秘密か。ステークが大きすぎて特許紛争も勃発:ScienceNews。…
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I really felt that the Hawke government worked for all Australians. I have felt since 2014 that the #LNP government have been working for the rich and trampling ordinary Australians
Is it weird how we get unsolicited calls and texts from @SamBirrell2 @damiandrummp Joe Lundy and the national party yet, I can't find their number anywhere to call and ask how their "research" is going? Weird! #LNP
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So @ScottMorrisonMP thinks they handled #COVID19 well Funny I thought it was the states that did and the #LNP got #Quarantine #agedcare #vaccinationstrollout quite wrong Who’s he hoping to kid? #7.30
Precisely because there is no deterrent in doing so? Through no fault of their dedicated employees at the coal face. The #aec in its own right is a purpose built toothless body that I’m sure, like all other levels of bureaucracy has been stacked by the #lnp at the pointy end!
#auspol Josh Frydenberg, has told RN #LNP will impose a further 0.5% “efficiency dividend” on the PS cutting $2.3bn fr government departments & agencies that develop policy & deliver services. Resulting in tighter govt control,worse service & cuts to funding public grants.
#KooyongVotes - you know @JoshFrydenberg has been in lock-step with @ScottMorrisonMP - it’s time for #BinNight baby & for #Kooyong to have a real “liberal” independent not beholden to this #Natiinals led #LNP #auspol #Kooyong
It's deceptive to use different time periods when comparing emissions reduction between countries—yet that's exactly what @JoshFrydenberg has done. The Morrison Government uses dodgy statistics because a true comparison shows that Australia's emissions are actually increasing.
Ask about reigning in the debt of the #LNP who used tax payer monies to subsidise their campaign! Millions of dollars of our money on their advertising! #LNPCorruptionParty
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I feel very distressed for Lismore area. I'm not surprised they feel forgotten.Most Austs feel the same,but we are nowhere near as forgotten as liberal ideology has left flood, fire, drought affected areas. All due to climate change,all dismissed by #LNP.
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Fran Kelly was called from her so called "retirement" with one mission, do absolutely everything possible to keep the #LNP in government. Today on #afternoonbriefing it was in full display with the utmost disrespectful question to Penny Wong...she must go! #ThisIsNotJournalism