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If the MP were #Labour their name would have been leaked to the Mail, Express and Sun by the #Tory department for misinformation and cunning stunts
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Claudia Webbe #Labour MP is back up in court on Thursday this week. It's her appeal hearing. Let's hope it goes the right way and she's out.
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Isn't Ed positioning himself with the rightwing Starmerites? Perhaps as an ex-leader he fears losing the #Labour whip, He's Jewish? Under #Starmer that makes him even more of a potential target for expulsion.
Just over a week until our next webinar - Solving the Labour Crisis. Register for this FREE town hall #webinar to learn how B.C. employers are navigating the current #labour crisis, attracting new staff and #reskilling and retaining their existing team.…
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Today Lucy Allan should have supported a windfall tax on energy companies that would have put £600 per household in the pockets of Telford families. Money that would have helped meet rising costs for fuel and food. She chose to put her party first. #Labour is #OnYourSide
Government had a target five years ago of one million more #disabled people in work by #2027 data released today shows that 1.3m more disabled people are in employment, compared to five years ago #disabilities are no barrier to work no matter what #labour say #BackBoris
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And that @Keir_Starmer's accusations of 'Tory mud slinging', originally started by #Labour in their 'Get #Boris' campaign, now restarted by Labour re 'legality' of alleged Russian bank donation to Tory party. @BarryGardiner still keeping low profile on £500k Chinese takeaway.
perverting the course of public justice and mis-conduct in public office...oh wait...I got that wrong. That's #labour councillors in #Plymouth #gerkingate #sirjohnhawkins
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Reality: Brexit doesn’t work. Brexit will never work. #Starmer #Labour
500+ replies to this a 500 VERY VERY PREDICTABLE, very depressing, implicitly antiSemitic & explicitly squalid, dysfunctional , pig fucking ignorant , *naturally* - & all attesting as to how far , how Sisyphus-like , is Starmer’s task in the matter of LEFT /#Labour antiSemites.
An honour to meet with the @ChiefRabbi today, our first in-person meeting. I'm heartened to receive his appreciation for the progress we've made in earning back the trust of Jewish communities. Our discussion was representative of our relationship - positive and forward looking.
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#Labour are just tax tax tax. #NorthSea #energy profits are already taxed at DOUBLE the rate of other corporate taxes. They are already paying a #windfalltax. Let’s not be a greedy socialist idiot like #edmiliband & scare them away
Tory scums you disgust me. Just because you're politically rich does not mean you can sexually abuse people I am genuinely sick of tories. i honestly not interested in politics but this is unacceptable. #ToryRapist #Labour
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#Labour would have us all on benefits permanently. Unemployment up, gold reserves sold off, #NHS paying restrictive PFI’s which were ramped up under Labour & that legacy has some NHS areas paying up to 20% of their annual budget on them. No thanks! #NeverLabour
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#CuratedContent I spent nearly fifty years supporting and rooting for every #Labour MP or candidate, now I can’t look at most of them without feeling hatred and wanting them to lose for what they did, I’m just one but I know there are many more like me.