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#Lachlan @Lachlan Pls unban me from your pwr server I got banned for being under age when I just said it's my brothers build and he's a big fan of you
Congratulations @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews @foxnation @foxnewsalert @foxnewsradio @foxnewsnight and the Murderous Murdochs.. #Lachlan #James #Rupert Sooo much blood on theirs & #TuckerTerrorist hands! #FoxNews Money is more important than humanity to all of them! #Disgusting
I won't link it of course, but from the Buffalo shooter's manifesto. It's no mystery who has mainstreamed these ideas.
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Well that's April done and dusted. May is already looking epic for new music with belters incoming from @LukeLaVolpe @iamcammybarnes #lachlan @Primes_Official @gkilpatrick_ @ToastieArtist #JonnieWallace @SpiralCities_ @FawkesBand & more Keep 馃憖 peeled and 馃憘pinned 馃А
My sister owns your bundle!! Just wait till I get it! #lachlan
We are back in the Fortnite Item Shop! Go get the best backbling in the game 馃憖 Use Code "Lachy" #EpicPartner
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So I reckon in @emmerdale #emmerdale if it鈥檚 not Jamie in the woods with the gun , and judging by the quick shot of the coat last night it鈥檚 definitely #Lachlan I鈥檓 calling it now !