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The organ-grinder and his bloated dancing baboon - the two most corrosive liars in the UK in the last six decades! #BorisJohnsonMustGo #Leveson2Now
#Johnson claiming to feel "humbled"?? Haven't heard such a grotesquely unbelievable fragment of insincere claptrap since Rupert Murdoch told the #Leveson enquiry it was the most humble day of his life!
What are you sticking up your nose tonight? #SueGrayReportNow #RussiaReportNow #Leveson2Now
It was great to be in Stoke today - to see 3 superb Conservative MPs and a brilliant Conservative-led council transforming lives for the better - levelling up in action
Government refuses to release Lebedev peerage details despite MPs鈥 instruction鈥 Major Donation to U.K. Conservative Party Was Flagged Over Russia Concerns鈥 Remember this? #SueGrayReportNow #RussiaReportNow #Leveson2Now
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Heath lives in a parallel universe of Brexitolatry, devoid of reality. But Johnson relies on client journalists like him to keep him in power. #ToriesOut #Leveson2Now
So, covert sexism and racism in the press is a major problem. The fact that the press regulator IPSO has NEVER upheld a sexism or racism complaint tells you that IPSO are part of the chumocracy problem, not the solution. #Leveson2Now鈥
Make sure you all read this tweet (the text not the image) all the way to the end #leveson2now
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This is Rebekah Vardy attempting to sell a story to the Sun about her husband's ex-teammate Danny Drinkwater being caught drink driving. (The Sun said they already knew about the arrest because someone at the police station had told them.)鈥
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Murdoch lives rent free in my head after getting #Leveson2Now thrown out. Also Bannon's Cambridge Analytica chums still able to spread Brexit style interferences in campaigns from their Westminster offices 馃が Dark money in politics & lobbying is great at keeping up divisions 馃挃
.@LucyMPowell on .@BBCPM accuses .@RT_com of fake news/propaganda .@Keir_Starmer silent about the proved defamation by .@JewishCron towards Socialist Jews Also falsehoods/propaganda by #UKMSM about Socialist members of .@UKLabour are also not being called out #Leveson2now #DCMS
The journalists who published the Rylan story will know very well he recently spoke out about feeling suicidal. And they went ahead with the story anyway. Taking a good person who has been vulnerable and exposing them to incredible stress is gutter behaviour.
'Estimated to be worth around' has been distorted beyond all recognition since this story was set free to be devoured by the media mad dogs. #Leveson2Now #DoYourJobOfcom @Ofcom
'I used the government plane. That is why we have a government plane' @TrussLiz says 'every government decision is based on value for money' after confirming she flew to Australia on the government's private jet - a trip estimated to be worth around 拢500,000
#Leveson2now to sort out the #ScumMedia + #DefundTheBBC + kick @Ofcom up the backside.
Boris could be cleared by Sue Gray (probably will), could see off the 1922 and maybe even have a few losses in the upcoming local elections and still be ok - but if he doesn't sort out the news media they'll get him sooner or later! This HAS to be dealt with, decisively and soon!
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Good idea Frances. But as you said, we also need #Leveson2now
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Report to the Metropolitan Police ? Ha ! Good luck with that one. #leveson2now
There is a cost of living crisis, an energy crisis, Russia may invade Ukraine, knife crime epidemic, grooming gangs, record illegal immigration鈥 Sky News chooses to interview a 4-year-old about Boris鈥 parties and she forgets what her parents told her to say. Pathetic.
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I am not sure one applies the description "journalist" to anyone on @skynews ( or, indeed, to much of today's media). #Leveson2now