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“Just because something looks compelling doesn’t mean it’s accurate": Georgia election board dismisses allegations of ballot harvesting promoted by the movie "2000 Mules." #gapol
It never ceases to amaze me about @UPS. My delivery guy has a huge #attitude and constantly #lies about deliveries. Like today delivering at 6:30 pm when the normal time is around noon. Bad #CustomerService #getanotherjob #attitude #ashamed
It's really #depressing, that #amberheard isn't even thinking of her #daughter with all the #games she is #playing on the #stand. All the #lies she has told. If she is found #guilty of #perjury the only one that truly loses is her daughter. Probably end up in #fostercare.
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#CamilleEsq is the queen of cross! Watching her is a masterclass in how precise her skills have been refined. Wanted a few more days of soaking in the #Justice of #CamilleBossOfCross & seeing #scambarrassment’s #lies turned to dust in real time.
I spread #TRUTH Û disperse #LIFE fr•m thà boōth,I am relentless n ruthless “YET TO BE MAḎE” toothless that’s on“MY WISH LIST” sorry if y’all miss_ED DA #PUNCHLINE N end_ED UP GETTIN PISSED as I reminisced of my #PATCHY past my #LIFE may n•t outlast Ü but their #LIES WILL KILḺ
Mesures #Covid19 vers et au depart de la #France [ ] Certificat de vaccination, test PCR negatif de moins de 72 heures a partir de 5 ans et assurance voyage couvrant d'eventuels #Frais medicaux #Lies a la Covid-19. br/Il y a 7heu
Haven’t you given out enough #Lies & duff information? #Lies #DamnLies #BrexitLies
I do not believe the EU would tear up its free access to the U.K. market where it sells so much and break the international law it talks so much about just because the U.K. legally sorts out internal U.K. trade matters with Northern Ireland that the EU has damaged.
I wonder if the lies told are generational curses or generational choices. I wonder why I was told I needed to be married to be complete. I don't regret being married I just regret the reason. I'm glad my decisions led to parenthood but I still did it alone. #love #lies
Our government is dismissing claims uncovered in the #2000Mules Movie by saying "geotracking is inaccurate". If that's true why are they using the same technology to track US citizens as a tool against the spread of #COVID19? #lies #deception Read this👇…
Fake Fact Checkers are at it again debunking 2000 Mules with lies saying geotracking is inaccurate. If you've ever used an app to navigate, it knows where you are within feet to give directions. Had ENOUGH? Join Giant Slayers —…