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DeSantis doles out millions but fails to mention it mostly comes from Uncle Sam
In Florida, Do they call DeSantis: #RussianRon #RontheCon or just a morally evil A-hole who wants to steal your freedom? Asking for a friend.
Is ANYONE asking how Ron DeSantis was worth $340,000 in 2020 and is now worth $52 million? 🤔
Not a word about why they should vote for him. #RonTheCon #VoteHimOut2022
I'm asking for 100% effort from my supporters this Fall. Trempealeau, Buffalo, and Pepin counties showed up in full force this morning! Thank you for standing with me in this Fight for Freedom.
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Keep dreaming #RonTheCon - After this SCOTUS decision Republicans will get buried in the mid-terms. 😂🤣😂#GOPHandmaidsTale
The real groomer of children #RonTheCon
Welcome to the club. I’m sensing a pattern here of evil leaders. #ElonTheCon #DonTheCon #RonTheCon
I just blocked Elon Musk 🙄
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New: We analyzed Ron DeSantis' newly acquired 96,500 followers. 9767 were created today, and 10,122 were created yesterday.
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Unless you live in Florida #RonTheCon
Gerrymandering IS the isdue..#RontheCon is using disobey to deflect our attention. We must stop him. @ACLU , can @GovRonDeSantis be sued for elimin a ting Congressional seats through gerrymandering? HE MUST BE STOPPED NOW. HE IS OVERREACHING AND OUT OF CONTROL.
I am going to SCREAM this again for the people in the back: It's not about the Mouse - it is about the GERRYMANDERED RACISTS MAPS. Pay attention FLORIDA DeSantis is dangerous. #DemCastFL #Fresh #DemVoice1
#RonTheCon,Leading your state into misinformation, discrimination, division, racism, homophobia, bigotry and hatred with grandiose delusion.
#RonTheCon DeSantis thinks Floridians are fools and don't know what he is up too. Well we got news for that A-Hole we are going to make him a one term governor and get rid of the rest of RINO's that help ram this bill through the house.
#DictatorDeSantis #DeSantisDestroysFlorida #RonTheCon using #DonTheCon playbook. Both using Hitler playbook. Lie, divide, fear. Banning books. Banning speech. Authoritarianism. Criticizing kids for choosing to wear a mask. Attacking/ punishing anyone who disagrees. #SupportDisney
To everyone focused on Disney vs. DeSantis, don't take the bait! Ron DeSantis has launched a direct assault on Black representation in Florida and is picking a fight w/ Disney so that voters look the other way! Don't let him sweep this under the rug! #DeSantisDestroysFlorida