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My word. And Greenberg has been cooperating for how many months now? #ReplaceRon #Greenberg #rogerstone #TeenMissUSA
7 - Where were you all during #ToddlersInTiaras ? What about #TeenMissUSA ? Were you concerned then? Face the facts: most of the participants of these shows are white, with a mostly white audience. This says a lot of about you.
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#Trump also bragged about walking into the dressing room of the #teenmissusa pageants.
Come on, Republicans. Is this who we are? This cannot be who we are.
My new favorite celebrity is Chrissy teigen can she is such a savage oh muy #teenmissusa
when you see #TeenMissUSA at #betacon16 馃槉馃構 but you don't talk to her馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Something funky is going on with Montana. Either the dress is too tight or she can't walk in the shoes. Walk was shaky. #teenmissusa
Not watching the #TeenMissUSA Pageant because I'm at work. This is NOT okay 馃槶馃憫
Words can't explain how honored I am!!! #teenmissUSA
Love my new dress 馃槏 Can't wait to go support my sissy Court 馃憫 #teenmissUSA
Judges, what were you thinking? Miss SC obviously had that. #TeenMissUSA
South Carolina better represent! #beautiful #teenmissusa
I may be a little bit biased, but I think @RealMissSCteen has this. #TeenMissUSA #RPMforthewin
Excited for @RealMissGATeen's send off party tonight! And I get to see my bestie @LeslieLFarman! #TeenMissUSA #hottmamas
What I got in the mail when I got home #TeenMissUSA I have scouts.