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Embarrassment of a government. #torysout #ToryLies #ToryBrexitDisaster
Chaotic scenes in Parliament 馃槀
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The best bit of the statue was when they put the rope round its neck and hoisted it up. #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #TorysOut #JohnsonOutNow #YesScots #ScottishNeverBritish #EndTheUnion #TridentOut
My Daughter says she had breaded chicken for lunch at school And they've had it many times but today It was half the portion, Then you hear on the radio that prices are going up so they are going to make school dinner's smaller! Please just #GetToriesOut 馃槨
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Won鈥檛 be long before the shite hawks announce a U-turn when the backlash feeds into the focus groups. #TorysOut
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Not a single Conservative MP voted in favour of imposing a windfall tax on oil and gas producers.
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Of course they did. #TorysOut
Tory MPs could step up and tackle the cost of living crisis. Instead they just voted against Labour鈥檚 plan to lower your energy bills.
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So many factors; austerity means less early years support, cuts to adult and child MH services, cuts to drug and alcohol services, cuts to youth services. The growing economic crisis will destroy more lives, more fractured families, more child poverty and neglect... #Torysout
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Another day another scandal #johnsonout #torysout鈥 Conservative MP arrested over rape and sexual assault allegations spanning seven-year period
Low and lower #Torysout
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Tweets from the brittorys are now completely unacceptable to anyone with a sense of decorum or responsibility. Damaging crap coming from a party who are the most corrupt government in living memory. Traitorous and Scotophobic in other words. #ScottishIndependence2023
Just heard the news on the radio!! So a Tory MP has said people struggling should get a better paid job or work extra shifts to get more money?? How these people are so out of touch with the working person today! #torysout
They won鈥檛 as they will upset the billionaire backers who pay them lots of money to protect their wealth #CostOfLivingCrisis #torysout
@BBC @itvnews @Channel4 @SkyUK don鈥檛 we the British public have the opportunity to vote for no confidence in our prime minister and our government their lack of action on cost of living and insulting remarks to voter. #timeforchange #torysout #CostOfLivingCrisis
No matter now many #mps the #torys roll out saying the issues with #NIProtocol are due to the #eu the simple truth is @BorisJohnson just wanted to get #brexit done at any cost and it is purely the #torys fault. #JohnsonOut #torysout
What is clear now is what some of us have always suspected. Johnson and the ERG always have this plan. Let's not forget, Braverman and Rees Mogg are both ex Chairs. They never had any intention of honouring the agreement with the EU. #BrexitReality #TorysOut