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All these #antiamerican commie socialist #traitors need to be replaced, taken out of office & titles stripped from them. #fjb #letsgobrandon #disgusting #pigs #Treasonous
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@YouTubeTV Please get rid of the #InsurrectionNetwork aka #FoxNews! I resent having my hard earned money going to those #Traitors! Aren't you ashamed to give them a platform? #Shame #FoxNewsBreedsTerrorism #FoxNewsIsATerroristOrganization #RWHateMedia #FoxNewsFascistPropaganda
Thread folks. Good morning @Ask_Spectrum @comcast @ATT @Sling @YouTubeTV @DIRECTV @dish I am speaking for 2/3 of America. Make FOX news a stand alone product or get rid of it! The hate spew daily that is sent out is directly responsible for #BuffaloMassacre /1
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The #Tories shut down the #Russia Report. The #Tories took #Putin's money. The #Tories promoted the son of a #Russian Spy Master into the House of Lords against dire warnings from #MI6. The #Tories implemented #Putin's #Brexit Plan. At what point do we call #Tories #Traitors?
The Conservatives have serious questions to answer 猬囷笍
#DailyMail really chooses to lead tomorrow with a 鈥榙on鈥檛 work from home鈥 headline. Absolute scum media. Complicit and colluding in this car crash government. #traitors
Answer me THIS: HOW can ANY P.O.C. support this racist? Standing behind him while he yells- "I Can't Breathe"! Are they paid? Are they stupid? Are they #Traitors ? DO THEY NOT CARE THAT THEIR RACE IS BEING DEGRADED???? I smh in Disgust at ANYONE who aligns themselves w/this evil!
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"I can't breathe!" -Trump
Hilarious - u acting like ya鈥檃ll is an ally of #democracy when u support #traitors and #GOPDomesticTerrorists #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy U don鈥檛 get to pretend otherwise. We know. We have tapes. Can鈥檛 wait til the Jan 6 committee hearings!!!
Or help the American people. #Traitors
So sorry for the Republican #Traitors 馃榿
馃毃馃毃馃毃BREAKING: The DOJ has asked the 1/6 Comm. for transcripts of interviews it is conducting, which have included ones with associates of Trump. Garland appears to be ramping up the pace of the investigation & this is the clearest sign yet of a wide-ranging inquiry at the DOJ.
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Desantis signs a new FL law that makes protests outside of private residences a class 2 misdemeanor. How is this protecting free speech? Seems like he's protecting POWER. Same guy who made it legal to drive down a protestor. They're #traitors to our 1st Amdmnt Rights #DOJ
... I honestly believe @TheJusticeDept will have all the information it needs to call for the total and complete dissolution of the @GOP as an entity!! It's time to bust down these #traitors doors and strip them of their Assets! #NoKnockWarrant #NoBailAllowed #MilitaryTribunal
DOJ has asked the January 6 Committee for transcripts of interviews with Trump associates. CC: 鈥渨hErE iS mErRicK gArLaNd鈥 people鈥
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There are laws that enslave & laws that set free The pro rape & #traitors party wants to enslave women/girls' uterus for one reason... POWER #SCOTUS #Florida #Texas #DOJ
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In the meantime, the AG has asked for the Jan 6 investigation transcripts. Soon, the #traitors that broke into the Capitol (and those that planned, coordinated and instigated it) will have to answer.