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I miss the days when The Handmaid's Tale wasn’t a documentary.
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My chiropractor says if people would stop sleeping on the couch, he'd be out of business. #truth
President Biden is a 79-year old man busting ass every day for his country in the toughest job in the world! Do you know how hard that is? I’m 65 and can barely get around! He brings unprecedented wisdom and experience to a thankless situation but hasn’t complained! A treasure!!!
“We don't take a resource rich planet and make it resource poor. We take a resource poor planet and make it resource rich, which we absolutely need fossil fuels to do, because without machines, you can't make much of the raw material on earth.”
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Believe all women? Really? All of them? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve Amber Heard.
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Possibly top 12🤔. Realistically he’s a top 15, but he’s definitely in the top half of the 32 QB1’s. He’s now got the WR that has managed to make rodge look good for the last half decade AND he has Waller. Carr has no excuses left to play like trash anymore. #Truth #facts
See the whole post by @godblessamerica2022 in Truth Social Media… #Truth Social Media
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.@mbachelet asks #Mexico to step up efforts for #truth & #justice for victims of #disappearances as tragic milestone officially hits 100,000. Families must be placed at the centre of efforts & all provisions of the General Law on disappearances
For the 7th day in a row, President Biden has overseen record high gas prices. This is the cause and effect of Biden waging war on American energy.
Let’s not be half loved. Let’s be wholly loved for being wholly ourselves 💜 #love #truth #life #relationships