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We all know that Pres Biden is compassionate, but it's past time for him to add Exec Orders to his platitudes & sound bites. Same as NY Governor. #VotingRights #PoliceBrutality #DomesticTerrorism
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They love to recant their victims reaction but never the abuse that caused it. #ReactiveAbusers #DomesticTerrorism
I hear Martin Shkreli has been released, having paid his debt to society. 2016 energy everywhere you look!
White supremacy #DomesticTerrorism is real. Goal, codify into law.
Senator Durbin reintroduced an update version of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act. This will require Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to assess threats by White Supremacist and other violent extremists.
BREAKING: Abortion Activists Threaten to Burn Down Supreme Court, Kill Justices When Roe is Overturned鈥
1/2 Today, I will be voting for the #DomesticTerrorism Prevention Act. Now more than ever, Democrats and Republicans MUST put aside partisan politics and band together to rid our nation of the insidious ideological thoughts of
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Let's get some lawsuits happening. Incitement. Counselling to commit... #DomesticTerrorism #racists #massmurder
I have socks that have lasted longer than Trump has been in the GOP. He鈥檚 a charlatan and a fraud who remade a party filled with venal white supremacists into his pancake make-up, bloated, comb-over, neck waddled, diapered image and now it has become a factory for treason.@GOP
Buffalo. Houston. Laguna Woods. Amarillo. Winston-Salem. Five mass shootings in one weekend. Two hundred and three mass shootings so far this year. It's easy to grow numb to the bloodshed. But it doesn鈥檛 have to be this way 鈥 we can stop this. Here's how we start:
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NEW: Ontario PC candidate headed committee that published magazine encouraging kids to reject the 鈥榟omosexual lifestyle鈥. Will Bouma held senior roles with organization that claims 鈥榟omosexuals鈥 will face God鈥檚 judgment on the 鈥榙ay of His wrath鈥.鈥 #onpoli
So how did the WHITE SUPREMACIST DOMESTIC TERRORIST know who to invite to that private Discord server 30 minutes before the murders? Prior white supremacist communications. #BuffaloMassacre #WhiteSupremacy #DomesticTerrorism #Op0H8