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The Tories are showing duped voters the side we knew they were hiding ... they have zero humanity & zero integrity. Ring wing politics may be pro business but its anti humanity #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToriesOut #CostOfLivingCrisis #SunakOut #inhumanity
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Bei den ganzen menschenverachtenden Kommentaren hier kommt mir echt das kotzen! #Inhumanity 馃が
If a #Politician stands against the #Elite , against the #Injustice and #Inhumanity, knowing too well that he will face repercussions,It tells you that he will stand up for #You, the people against financial oppression It's all about principles #auspol #AusVotes2022
Solidarity with the artists who have withdrawn from Sydney Festival to stand united against the oppression of the Palestinian people. My greatest respect to the Palestinian organisers of this remarkable campaign: your dignity & tenacity is inspiring. Justice for Palestine!
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This is #USA They make #inhumanity an industry and still so many of them think they're something to aspire to.
My little sister has been really struggling with a health condition lately and finally got to see a doctor. They charged her $40 for crying.
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This is wrong . #InHumanity
#INHUMANITY of India; HOW #IndianArmy behave when they face a 20 months old Hiba, a 9Yrs/an 80Yrs Kashmiri? indiscriminately targeting civilians by live ammo & not letting any independent journalism in #Kashmir #PelletVictims @UNHumanRights @hrw #FreePalestine #FreeKashmir
"He was screaming in pain and was repeatedly asking to be taken to his mother." This 9-year-old Kashmiri boy was shot in the eye by Indian Occupation Forces.鈥
cc: @RepStefanik You should be careful what you wish for @RepStefanik because you can鈥檛 put the genie back in the bottle. You have crossed the line from #Humanity to #Inhumanity鈥 it worth it?
Third-ranking house Republican. First in fomenting racial hatred.
Its rather fitting that the Queen's reign began with concentration camps for those suspected of opposing Britain's colonial right of power in Kenya and ends with concentration camps in Rwanda paid for by Britain for refugees trying to get into the UK. #queensjubilee
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#ShireenAbuAkleh You would understand the #Inhumanity by #ApartheidIsrael #Zionists when you understand their mentality鈥
#ShireenAbuAkleh #ShireenAbuAqla You would understand the #Inhumanity by #ApartheidIsrael #Zionists when you understand their mentality鈥
They assassinated her in cold blood. They shot at those who tried to provide her medical care. They blamed her for her assassination. They attack those mourning her death. They attack her casket. Even in death. #ShireenAbuAkleh exposes the criminal, psycho state of Israel.
#Native Americans peace pipe treaties with "white men" #spoke with forked tongue #reneged #backed out of #broke pledges & promises Indian Nations ended up on "reservations" large plots of land weren't allowed to vote #even after #cruelty #brutality #inhumanity served in WWII
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@seniorvinicious it will be an incredible move tabling the bill,saving many, Kenyans daughters and sons from ideally middle and majorly low class fell in the hands of these agencies who later own butchered and tormented. It's inhumane and kinda racism acts. #inhumanity .
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#Sick #Zionist #Inhumanity Justifying clobbering pallbearers as a response to "objects were thrown", which was "water bottles" thrown at well dressed and protected so called "elite soldiers"
Again, Palestinian propaganda presents a distorted picture in order to discredit Israel and claim "Israel attacks the funeral of the journalist鈥 But here is proof from the beginning of the incident in Jerusalem, how objects were thrown at the police by the violent rioters.