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If you have some free time, I talk about my journey to #nursing, the role of nurses in #policy and #advocacy, what it means to be a #NurseScientist, and my current #research in this episode. Thank you @rnmentorpodcast! @GwPolicy @Penn_CHOPR @Nicklaus4Kids @PedsRNResearch
BRAND NEW EPISODE!!! NOW PLAYING!!! With my special guest Dr. Danielle Altares Sarik @DanielleSarik @gwNURSING @PennNursing available on… @ApplePodcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts 🎙🎧
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America is very divided right now. But we aren't divided by RACE as some would have you believe! We are divided by BELIEFS, IDEOLOGY, VALUES & CULTURAL NORMS! Don't believe the hype, noise or rhetoric! #American #DividedStates Return to God First & #AmericaFirst #Policy
The quote: Hal Dawson, UNSW #housing #research & #Policy was sharp-end not derisory consumer demand manipulation schemes progressively (regressively) locking out more people on even higher incomes so characteristic of 20thC supply side neoliberalism. #Independents @Greens #auspol
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The wrong knee-jerk #policy (re)actions to crises usually do as much harm as the original shock. We need a coordinated, measured global policy response based on experience of what not to do ...…
Une belle interaction avec les étudiants de #ISCSP #UCRI #FCT en présence du président du #observatoriodomundoislamico auxquels j’ai présenté #Morocco and its neighborhood #policy. Merci au président de l’université et au professeur @Teresadealmeidaesilva vice présidente
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RT The J-1 work exemption: a flawed solution to the physician shortage #Policy #PublicHealthPolicy
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Achieving even modest shifts in #cannabis #policy – let alone the substantial changes that we aspire to make – demands in-depth knowledge of the workings of both #Westminster & #Whitehall Having access to decision-makers on the inside is equally important. We meet both criteria.
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