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So if everyone gets "better" jobs, who is going to be doing the low paid but essential to society jobs? #skynews
Minister says people should work more hours or move to a better job to protect themselves from cost of living surge…
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#bbcnews #skynews How to question Johnson.
“You must be furious with whoever signed up to a deal this bad?” Boris Johnson wants to make reforms to the Northern Ireland Protocol, @PGMcNamara asks the prime minister why he signed it in the first place?
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WOW. Let that sink in. People working every hour god sends to support their family. Yet this moron thinks that's not enough and they need to magic up a better paid job. Disgusting #kayburley #skynews #CostOfLiving #ToryScum #ToriesOut #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #ToryBudgetingTips
Rachel Maclean: People can protect themselves better from the cost of living crisis "by taking on more hours or moving to a better job" #KayBurley: Some people are working 3 jobs, they're working every hour they can... but they're still having to go to food banks #BBCBreakfast
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UNBELIEABLE how “The Liar” blames everyone & everything for the mess of a deal he negotiated himself. (This loathesome creature is by far the worst PM the country has EVER had!) #BBCNews #SkyNews #TalkTV #GBNews #c4News @BBCNews @BBCPolitics
Someone save us from this maniac! I have added some actual facts to this interview
🙌 #itvnews showed protestors yelling & booing Boris Johnson arriving in (82% protestant) #Hillsborough, #NI, for talks about #Stormont @MaryLouMcDonald & @MONeillSF say Bozo is there to "placate DUP. His attitude was scandalous & shameful" #bbcnews #C4News #Newsnight #SkyNews
🤯 "We need a govt here.* ALL FIVE parties in #NorthernIreland think #NIProtocol must be fixed" ~ Johnson, talking as though he had fek all to do with it SHOCKING liar, Bozo is ill-briefed, boastful & full of sh*t; loves a photo-op #C4News #Newsnight #itvnews #bbcnews * like us
#skynews why do people think boris is wrong to take on the eu?? Why are you afraid of them and why do you presume their always right??
#skynews Where is Lord Blinking Frost in NI Protocol and can we take his Lordship back #NI What an expected shambles !!
#skynews Where is Lord Blinking Frost in NI Protocol and can we take his Lordship back #NI What an expected shambles !!
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@JoshFryderberg often quotes Saul Eslake expert opinion on economic matters 😳 guess we won’t hear from Josh on this one 😳 #HousingCrisis #ausvotes #auspol #skynews #9news #LiberalMeltDown #LiberalLaunch #pmlive
Saul Eslake returning fire on ABC news now. “A contender for one of the worst housing policy decisions of the last 30 or so years.”
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