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He's been leading our #IHPItelehealth research effort, and helping others study the impacts of #telehealth on their areas of clinical practice. He spoke to @JAMA_current for this in-depth article:
If payment for telehealth drops, clinicians' motivation to continue telehealth will progressively evaporate...I share some of my thoughts on telehealth payment in the article below.…
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La telesalud, a veces llamada telemedicina, es el uso de tecnologías de comunicación para brindar atención médica a distancia. ¿Cuáles son sus beneficios y los problemas que puede presentar? Aquí lo que debes saber #telehealth
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Give and get emotional & informational support from like-minded behavioral health professionals. Register Here for Free:… #telehealth #telemedicine #teletherapy #digitalhealth
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It's time to deliver next-generation #VirtualCare. BlueJeans Telehealth is a simple, smart way for providers to meet with patients over video. #telehealth #BlueJeans
Did you know? 99% of Community Health Centers are utilizing telehealth to meet their patients' needs. Telehealth services help address barriers such as: 🦠pandemic 🌎geographic 💰economic 🚌transportation 👄linguistic #ValueCHCs #Telehealth
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Grateful for the additional time to continue important provisions such as #Medicaid coverage, #telehealth flexibilities, #ACA subsidies @_ACHP
With a decision on the PHE expected this week, protecting access to high-quality, affordable coverage & care should be a top priority for lawmakers. @_ACHP urges Congressional leadership to take immediate action on ACA subsidies and Medicaid. Learn more➡️…
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"It's just too much. And I feel like if they're going to do this they need to teach everybody how to use this stuff." --Troy Gardner on #telehealth How is the digital divide impacting people seeing their doctors? Tonight at 10 on @ksdknews.…
Get an update on how to legally and ethically practice telehealth over state lines. Join TBHI's evidence-based training: "How Can I Legally Practice Over State Lines and International Borders?". Register Here:… #telehealth
The National Telehealth Conference started yesterday! Join @CDC, @HHS, and @HRSA leadership to talk about the future of public health? Provide input to shape the future of telehealth. Find out more #Telehealth #Pandemic