On the one hand people should be more careful what they say. On the other they should be given firm chances to be contrite and take those things back, and employers should absolutely look into people who attempt to weaponise those bad tweets and expose their own in turn.

Jul 20, 2018 · 10:55 PM UTC

W'e're in this mess because the rodents responsible know people at large can't trust them so operate with impunity. They find people of good character and find a slip-up, no matter how egregious, then point and yell "HE'S A BAD GUY LETS GET HIM".
So the person who made these mistakes is supposed to be held to a higher moral standard while the accusers slink back into the slime, job done. Those in charge of the targets need to breathe for a second and get the full story before jumping to --
conclusions. Especially if those in charge have chequered pasts of their own. People should be given chances to reconcile what they've done and be allowed to show that they've taken those chances. But that's too "soft on crime" for some people.